Admitted in Master's in Intercultural Management


Admitted in Master’s in Intercultural Management
French/English, Italian

What was your initial field of study?

I trained and worked professionally as a dancer, then continued my education at a Parisian university studying Language, literature and foreign civilisations (LLCE)

Which course did you apply for and for which academic year?

At ISIT, the course I applied for was Intercultural Management (MI), following exams to enter the school directly in the fourth year.

What were your working languages?

Due to my dual nationality, my two first languages were French and English, the Italian as a B language.

How did you prepare?

I was extremely keen to get into the school so I followed the ISIT bibliography almost religiously to prepare, particularly for the general knowledge questions I knew would be asked for the fourth year examination. The year before ISIT I was living in Italy, and used this opportunity to perfect my Italian, which helped hugely for the ISIT exam.

It was certainly vital to revise beforehand, and with this preparation and a good deal of concentration, I left the exam room feeling happy with the work I’d produced.

In a phrase, how would you sum up your feelings about the entry exams?

Before the exam began, I was understandably nervous, but quickly reassured by the friendliness of the staff, who made us all feel comfortable. I remember that the general atmosphere was relaxed, which greatly eased the tension of the students. The exam itself included translations in all three languages chosen, as well as the dreaded general culture/knowledge test. I feel that the exam for fourth year Master’s entry is well-adapted to students who have already gained experience abroad and feel very comfortable in their three (or more) languages.

What advice would you give to future candidates?

Travel, watch movies, read and write: perfect your strongest language and be the best you can in your weakest.