Admitted in 1st year Management-Communication-Translation


Admitted in 1st year Management-Communication-Translation
English, French

What was your initial field of study?

I studied bilingual communication studies (Korean/English) at Community College of City University in Hong Kong.

Which course did you apply for and for which academic year?

I applied for the first year of Management, Communication and Translation (MCT).

What were your working languages?

I am doing English and French here at ISIT.

How did you prepare?

At first, when I was informed for the examination’s date, I downloaded the past 3 years’ of ISIT admission exam and I kept doing them so I could get myself prepared and familiarize myself with the format of the admission test as it is comparatively different from the ones in Hong Kong. Moreover, I have looked up some interesting French stories online to read in order to widen my French knowledge.

In a phrase, how would you sum up your feelings about the entry exams?

The exams were challenging but they were anticipated.

What advice would you give to future candidates?

My advice is rather short and clear; when you feel overwhelmed, remember your love for languages and don’t give up easily on what you love doing. Loving what you do is the key to success. If you don’t like what you’re doing, nothing is going to work.