English speaking students, come study at ISIT!

ISIT: The school which trains intercultural multilingual experts.

5 reasons to choose ISIT

  • Turn your passion for language into an international career
  • Create a professional future anywhere in the world
  • Become a multilingual, intercultural expert helping to shape the global community
  • Stand out on the international job market
  • Build a network of life-long friends in a close-knit academic community

ISIT graduates work in all sectors of activity within international organisations and businesses, where their multilingual and intercultural expertise is a major asset for development, innovation and competitiveness: communication, marketing, sales, human resources, purchasing, translation, conference interpreting, legal affairs. Find first-hand accounts from our graduates in French and in English.

Key figures for ISIT

  • Founded: 1957
  • 3 months: To find your first job *
  • 13 months: The total minimum length of time spent carrying out internships in France and abroad throughout your degree
  • 600 business partnerships
  • 250 university partnerships
  • 5000 graduates

* For 95% of 2016 graduates, according to a « Conférence des Grandes Ecoles » survey carried out in 2017.


Multilingual training courses

5 Undergraduate Courses

  • Translation and Intercultural Communication
  • Intercultural Management
  • International Relations and Multilingual Communication
  • Intercultural Digital Design
  • Lawyer-linguist (double diploma in partnership with a law faculty)


6 Specialized Masters Courses

  • Intercultural Communication and Translation
  • Intercultural Management
  • International Strategy and Diplomacy
  • Intercultural Digital Strategy
  • Lawyer-linguist (double diploma in partnership with a law faculty)
  • Conference Interpreting


Join ISIT!


  • Apply as a 1st-year student through Parcoursup.fr
  • Apply as a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year student online on isitinternational.com
  • Apply as a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year student depending on the highest level of education completed.
  • English plus a second language chosen from Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish.
  • French (all levels). Students have the possibility of validating another language at the end of their fourth year. This language will be included on their degree certificate.

Admissions Masters in Conference Interpreting

  • Have completed 3rd-year at ISIT or hold a bachelor’s degree, master’s or other equivalent degree.
  • Have a minimum of 12 consecutive months of in-country experience using your B or C languages.
  • Have an excellent understanding of English and French, and a third or fourth language. All language combinations are possible.


Entry exams and advice to help you prepare

Undergraduate programs


Graduate programs

  • Written exam: written expression exercises in the candidate’s 3 languages (mother tongue and working languages) or a translation from the candidate’s two working languages into their mother tongue (Specialisation: Intercultural Communication and Translation)
  • Oral exam: an multilingual interview with a jury.
    Consult past papers and bibliographies on SlideShare.


Conference Interpreting

  • Admissibility exams – Comprehension of 2 speeches in French and 2 speeches in English – General knowledge: 1 multiple choice test in French and 1 multiple choice test in English – Examination of your application
    Consult past papers and bibliographies on SlideShare


Practical information

Upcoming admission tests

Session Application deadline
applicants through admission exams
Application deadline
applicants through cooperation agreements*
Admission exams/
Pre-admission exams
(Conference Interpreting)
Winter 19th January 2020 16th February 2020 25th January 2020
Spring 1 15th March 2020 5th April 2020 21st March 2020
Spring 2 10th May 2020 7th June 2020 16th May 2020
Summer 1 28thJune 2020 9th July 2020 3 rd July 2020
Summer 2 16th August 2020 30th August 2020 22nd August 2020

*Only for candidates from institutions that have signed an agreement with ISIT: click here to find out more

Location of the exams: Paris or abroad, except for admission exams for conference interpreting, which will only take place in Paris.


Any questions?

Consult our FAQ section

Contact: Yann Obame – OBAME.Yan@isitparis.eu (in English)

Contact: Christian Vargas Islas – Global recruitment and partnerships officer – c.vargas@isit-paris.fr